Creepy Things Casino Security Guards See

When we hear the word casino, we immediately associate it with fun and entertainment. Casinos are one of the most lucrative industries in the world, and they are designed in such a way that the casino will always win and they have a house edge that is made in such a way that the house will always have better odds. People visit the casino, and they get the entertainment they need, and they pay for that momentary thrill by waging their money on various games. Casinos offer you with false hope and make you believe that you will win big; many people do not understand this but when you work too long at the casino and see what is going on you will understand that a casino is a place of scum and misery.

The following are some of the creepy things the employees at the casino have to deal with:

Making time to stop:

One of the main goals of the casino is to make time stop so that their customers will be spending more time and money at the casino. Some people spend 28hours straight by craps table, and the securities are instructed to wake the players who are sleeping by telling them that they will be robbed, but actually, the casinos do not want to lose their revenue by having sleeping players at the table.

You might have also noticed that the casinos play only nondescript music because when the song changes, people will become aware that so much time has been lost. But when there is only music running in the background they will not be able to judge the time. There are also no windows and doors or clocks, and there is no way you can take a peep at the outside world. You are not allowed to use phones at the table, and thus you go on playing continuously.

Sad crimes:

Though prostitution is banned in many casinos, there is a high demand for paid sex at the casinos. When a player leaves with a prostitute, they are instructed not to intervene, and most of the casinos believe that this is kind of entertainment to the players. The usage of drugs at the casino is also high, and securities and other employees often find purses with discarded needles and foils. It is sad to see in all that glamour and entertainment there are many broken and sad people.

Targeting the vulnerable:

Casinos instruct its employees to target the vulnerable players. If players are tired of playing and if they are exhausted, they are given a luxury room at the casino so that they can take some rest and play again at the same casino. Sometimes the dealers at the table will know that a particular player will have no chance of winning at the game, but they cannot utter a word to the player. Know More

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